Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Life After Death

So according to just about everyone - the Rangers season is over. Finished. Done.

But - really - there are 10 games to go. We are Ranger fans and we have some hockey season left.

And we're not mathematically eliminated. Not even close to that yet. It just feels that way. But if we can ever start winning a few hockey games - we still have a chances of getting back in the race before it's all over.

So I suggest we take this one day at a time.

Today we have no game to play. But there is some scoreboard to watch. Boston will be playing at Atlanta for one. So - who do we root for? We're chasing both teams - they are in 8th and 9th places in the East. I guess it doesn't matter so much - except that we want a regulation outcome - not an extra point being handed out for OT.

Beyond that - it would be good if Toronto beat Florida - since the Panthers are just 2 points behind us.

And Ottawa plays Philly. I think we root Ottawa. Philly is 8 points in front of us - and if we can get it down to 3 or 4 - our last 2 games are a home and home with the Flyers.

That's all the half hearted rooting I can come up with right now. And tomorrow we get the 3D thingy. I looked into getting the emitter box to convert my TV to 3D - but I'm having trouble getting pumped enough to do anything.

I will watch though - even in old fashioned 2D. It's still a Ranger game - and the patient ain't dead yet.

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