Tuesday, February 2, 2010

We Fire The Cannon!

Hey – a first line center. Why didn’t I think of that? Actually I did. And so did you. And so did every Ranger fan in the world. We knew that Marian Gaborik needed a first line center to get him the puck where he can really do some damage with it. And Ladies and gentlemen – that day may have just arrived.

You can like Glen Sather – hate him – or feel sorry for him (I’ve got a little of each of those) but you have to admit – the man is out there trying to improve his hockey club. After much back-and-forth, discussion, delay, contract clause invocation, and waiting – a deal has been made between the Rangers and the Calgary Flames

The Rangers get:

Olli Jokinen. A legitimate front line Center who in his last 6 NHL seasons has scored: 36 goals, 26 goals, 38 goals, 39 goals, 34 goals, and 29 goals. At 32 he’s no spring chicken but still should have plenty of juice. And playing off of Gaborik – he will get a lot more open ice than he’s used to. His 11 goals this year are below what he’s capable of – but it’s pretty high on the leader board on our team.

We also get:

Brandon Prust is the NHL’s 2nd most prolific fighter this year - having dropped the gloves 18 times this year (that’s 17 more than Gaborik. He’s 26, and this year’s 43 games is the most he’s ever played in a season at this level. For all of us who didn’t want Don Brashear to be a Ranger – this move seems to indicate that Glen Sather may finally be agreeing with us. Not sure what Brashear would do for us anymore.

The Ranger lose:

Ales Kotalik: Kotalik has that massive slapshot. If you can point him at the goaltender and get him some time and space with the puck - he will score goals. But his defense is and sense of team responsibility is such that he is already -18 on the season. That makes him a major liability on a team that struggles to score goals. And let's face it - having John Tortorella yelling at you every day isn't for everyone.

Chris Higgins: I really liked Chris – and he clearly seemed to care and play hard – but he could never seem to get going here. You could see his frustration with his own performance on his face every game. Maybe a new team will change his luck.

So goodbye Chris, goodbye Ales. The Rangers just removed a minus 27 from their plus-minus in moving you guys – but you each had your moments here and we wish you well.

We play LA tonight. Should be really interesting to see the new guys.

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