Thursday, February 4, 2010

Updates – We’ve Got Updates!

Usually we post just once and let you guys get on with your busy day. But a few things have percolated to the surface that we wanted to talk about:

How They Skated this morning: The lines that were put together for today’s practice – usually a pretty good indicator of how they will start tonight look like this:

Line 1: Christensen centering for Gaborik and Prospal. It makes sense – what little offensive chemistry this team has is in this line combination

Line 2: Jokinen centering for Dubinsky and Callahan. I hope they explained this to Olli. He had complained that he wasn’t given enough time in Calgary to jell on the number one line. In Tortorella’s system he was given about 15 minutes on the top line before the demotion. But, like we said below, we love this move. It can potentially create a 2nd scoring line for the Rangers – something opposing teams actually have to think about. Note that Dubi is back on the wing – we’ll see how that plays out.

Line 3: Anisimov centers for Avery and Lisin. I’m sure “Anis” is surprised and thrilled to find himself at the pivot in Line 3 when there are no less than four legitimate veteran centermen theoretically ahead of him on the team. And Lisin is surprised to be off the healthy scratch list and back on the team. Avery has been on every line 1-4 in the system and I’ll bet nothing surprises him anymore – other than, say, a kind word from an opposing goalie.

Line 4: The Captain continues to go down with his shift (Editor – stop that!) as Chris Drury centers for our new and improved Punch-Man: Brandon Prust and Boyle.

I’m feeling like the trade made us bigger, tougher, and less bad offensively. So – it feels weird but I have to say: Good Job Glen.

The other item out there today is that the Atlanta Thrashers have given up on re-signing Ilya Kovalchuk and have announced they will trade the goal-scoring superstar as soon as they can. But it’s a rental – Ilya’s contract is done at the end of the year. And he is actually asking for the official league maximum (somewhere north of $11 million per) and a 10 year deal. And the Thrashers would want quite a lot in return – like a top 6 forward and top defenseman. So word is – the Rangers are looking – but can’t give up what Atlanta wants and couldn’t fit Ilya into the cap – so we’d lose him anyway. Of course – Glen is Glen – and we’re always a player when there’s a player out there.

Okay - Back to work kids – I’ll see you later.

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