Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Drury + Cally won yesterday - Hank and Olli up today

The US Olympic Mens Hockey team won their opener yesterday - defeating Switzerland 3-1.

Chris Drury played and didn't register a point - just like most Ranger games, unfortunately. Ryan Callahan was the only Ryan on the squad NOT to get a point: Ryan Malone scored with Ryan Sutter assisting.

John Tortorella seemed to do just fine behind the bench. Olympic hockey is actually perfectly suited to him - throwing lines together - getting the team motivated for a short burst of games - coming out of the gate fast - attacking aggressive play - it's all in John's wheelhouse.

Should we infer anything from the fact that of the 3 American goals - 2 were unassisted? Just one assist for the game for the (selfish?) US players.

Later on, Canada looked very strong in their victory over Norway. But the best part was looking at a very unhappy Marty Brodeur sitting on the bench.

On MSNBC at 3pm today we get Finland (with Jokinen) versus Belarius. And at 8pm on CNBC we can watch Sweden with Henrik Lundqvist on goal against Germany. It will be very interesting to see how Hank looks on a different hockey team.

The late game - at 12:30 pm on CNBC is the Czech Republic versus Slovakia. Marian Gaborik reportedly will miss that game - still recovering from the nasty leg gash he got from Lundqvist's skate in a Ranger practice last week.
Loose Pucks: I forgot to mention that it was a lot of fun teaching my 11 year old son about some of the great Ranger traditions when he attended his first hockey game last Sunday. "Dad, why did they yell Potvin Sucks?" He asked me. I enjoyed explaining why - and then showing him the bird-call-like whistling that alerts the faithful that the historic cheer is about to be sounded. I love hockey.

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