Friday, February 12, 2010

Rangers wave goodbye to Brashear. What were we thinking in the first place?

The season - such as it is - rolls on. We're stumbling toward the Olympic break. We've lost 8 of 10. Tonight we travel to Pittsburgh to take on the mighty Penguins.

And our lone goal scorer, Marian Gaborik, sat out of practice yesterday, trying to heal from a deep thigh gash he sustained from a collision with Henrik Lundqvist in a break-away drill on Tuesday.

Gaborik isn't ruled out of tonight's game - but he hasn't tried skating in his gear since the accident.

If we go up against the Penguins without Gabby - well, let's just say I don't love our chances.

The Rangers made a few moves yesterday:

They waived Donald Brashear. The washed up thug was pretty useless on the Rangers this year. He was often injured and couldn't fight - which was the only thing he was ever good at anyway.

Brash was a bad idea from the start. Considering how he nearly took Blair Betts head off while on the Capitals in last year's playoffs - most of us Ranger fans could not begin to understand why we would bring him here. It seemed disloyal. And it seemed like a dumb hockey move. The only bright spot is that at least Sather can admit his error by waiving him.

At his salary level he will certainly clear waivers and the next move will be back in the Ranger's court (or is it rink?). They don't have to invite him to Hardford.

And speaking of our Hartford affiliate - the Rangers made a few more player moves.

They sent goalie Chad Johnson back to the minors and brought up Matt Zaba. This move is designed to get Chad more starts - to keep him ready. I wish they would get him some more NHL starts - to improve his game and rest Hank. But it seems we are determined to get every last penny's worth out of our starting Goaltender before turning him over to the Swedish Olympic team for 3 weeks.

And finally - Corey Potter was sent back down after one game on the Rangers. What happened? Maybe one of our defensemen was hurting and is okay now. Maybe there was a possible trade that fell through. We may never know.

Anyway - tonight it is the Penguins. Let's hope something good happens. I'm trying to stay positive - but I'm starting to lose my way.

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