Sunday, February 14, 2010

Ooooo Oooo Oohhhh - live from MSG

Well - so far - my son Pucks Junior could not have picked a better first ever game to attend

He was feeling a little down after the first period - as we fell behind 2-0.

But the second got him - and everyone else at MSG pumped up.

4 ranger goals. A penalty shot by Sean Avery where he waited and waited and finally scored from a tough angle.

And then three more goals. 2 by Christensen. One by Prospal. And the Rangers - without Gaborik - have a 4-2 lead as we sit through the 2nd intermission - too stuffed with dippin dots and cracker jacks to move.

Another amazing moment came up during a commercial break - when the scoreboard showed a live marriage proposal. The young lady was stunned. Then upset. Then annoyed. And then she stormed out as the entire arena shouted and booed. The unfortunate groom-not-to-be chased after her. The poor guy lost the love of his life - and missed the rest of the hockey game.

But Pucks Junior got the chance to sing THE GOAL SONG four times in one period. Not a bad way to enjoy your first every live hockey game.

We'll be back later - but so far - so good

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