Friday, February 26, 2010

The Medal Round!

While Henrik Lundqvist gets a few extra days rest and the Rangers back home resume practicing (without Coach Tortorella - who is in Vancouver) there are just four teams left competing for the gold medal.

At 3pm Eastern time we get Olli Jokinen and Finland against Drury, Callahan, and Team USA. The fans in Vancouver have been predominantly Canadian - and have been booing the Americans ever since we defeated Canada earlier in the tournament. So figure that Olli will get cheered during the game. I'm expecting a low scoring contest - where 2 goals may be all the winner gets. The only upset the US has pulled off so far is beating Canada once. And they'll probably have to do it again - if they get the chance. Finland is a strong team playing well and this game figures to be a close one.

The second game will be Marian Gaborik's Slovakia against the best team still standing: Canada. The Canadians looked very strong in beating Russia decisively on Wednesday and will be very tough to beat. But with Gabby - Slovakia has a shooter's chance. Of course - Canada shut down Ovechkin - so can Gaborik fare any better?

The winners today will play Sunday in the Championship - the winner taking the gold medal and the losers shaking hands and skating home with silver.

The two teams that lose today will play Sunday as well - for the bronze medal - in a game that my son Pucks Junior has named "The Chumpionship".

No matter how it all shakes out, at least two Rangers will get some kind of Olympic Medal out of this. So sit back - take a snow day - and enjoy the games!

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