Sunday, April 1, 2012


Today in pittsburgh the flyers defeated the pittsburgh penguins to become the third team in the eastern conference to move above 100 points for the season along with the rangers, and pens. their reward for this accomplishment is a showdown with pittsburgh in the first round of the playoffs.

it's time for the nhl to take another look at the playoff breakdown.their should be a balanced schedule played in each conference with the top 8 teams from each qualifying for the playoffs.1 playing 8 and 2 playing 7 ,and so on.this would reward the best teams with home ice advantage in the first round which is exactly what the rangers , flyers,and pens deserve. instead 2 of the best 3 teams in the conference will work on eliminating each other right away.

this should not happen in the first round the league is totally based on a points not win system so it's time mr. commissioner to reward the teams with the most points ,and not have the sixth place team in the conference with an easier draw in the playoffs than those who would be second ,and third in overall point totals.


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