Thursday, April 26, 2012

Game Seven - and the Wrath of the Righteous

All the work. All the practice. All the early mornings and late nights. All the sacrifices. Everything the Rangers put into this season - since September.

It all comes down to this.

Will the Rangers be - again - a first round bust - or will they get to round 2 for the first time in Tortorella's run as our coach?

Do we let Ottawa and the evil Chris Neil walk into OUR BUILDING and take our season away by beating us a 3rd time in 4 games in the Worlds Most Famous Arena (in what would be a World's Most Heinous outcome)? Or do we rise up - one more time - and show what the franchise is - who we are - and what is a New York Ranger?

I say the momentum has shifted. The Senators had their moment - a 2nd period lead - in their building - up 3-2 in the series.

Now the pressure is on them - they blew an opportunity - and we seized it. They lost a lead - we came from behind.
Can their goalie - bald headed Craig Anderson - stay hot? Or did his magic evaporate in a 3 goal second period in game six?

Tonight we look for heroes.

Hank. Callahan. Richards. And Gabby - we need you, man!

And Krieder - it's your 5th game as a pro
- but already you are showing some poise that we don't see from some of our Veterans.

And Stepan. He's been up and down but was way up in game six. Go Steps!

And Prust. Our little tough guy. Doing his best to fill Sean Avery's role.

Tonight we look for guts. For glory.

And something I call The Wrath of the Righteous.

No way should Neil be playing after the head shot to Boyle. No way should his kick-in goal have counted at the end of game six. Ottawa doesn't deserve to be here - we have to dispense a little hockey justice - and do it now.

We need to shut him up and shut down an Ottawa team that deliberately lost games to get us as their playoff matchup.

It's all there boys. Win and the season lives on. Lose and you'll have to think about this for another year.

This is our time. Our moment. Game Seven. Let's Go Rangers

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