Sunday, April 8, 2012

Playoffs! Rangers to Face Ottawa in Round 1

Here we go.

Forget the regular season. Is anyone going to buy that hat that reads: Rangers – Atlantic Division Champions”? I mean, it has a little bit of meaning for the next three days and then we wipe the slates clean. The Rangers are just another Eastern #1 seed – a position that has yielded in the past 6 years exactly zero trips to the Stanley Cup finals. Unless you win the first three rounds of the playoffs its actually worse to have gotten the regular season crown. It raises expectations and pressure and becomes a negative when evaluating your season

But – like it or not – here we are in first. And our reward is to take on the Ottawa Senators who beat us 3 out of 4 contests this season. Of course – the regular season doesn't mean anything – which is the point we were making last paragraph....

As for me – Dave Pucks is happy it's not the Capitals again. After losing 7 of our last 8 playoff games to them – I just would like to take a run at anybody else at this point.

It all starts Thursday night at 7pm at the world's most famous arena. Elsewhere we'll be watching the Flyers take on Pittsburgh ( and rooting Philly 100% for once). The Devils draw the Florida Panthers – which is why they had no interest in catching Phlly for 5th. And the aforementioned capitals draw the Boss-town Bruins

Our basic stats match up to Ottawa like this:

Goals per game: Us 11th at 2.7. Ottawa 4th in the league with 3.0. Advantage Ottawa.

Goals Against: Us 3rd with 2.2, them 24th at 2.9. Advantage New York

Power Play: Us 23rd at 15.7, Ottawa 11th at 18.1. Advantage Ottawa

Penalty Kill: Us 5th at 86.2, them 20th at 81.6 - Advantage New York

We score a half a goal a game more then we let up. For Ottawa that margin is 1/10 of a goal.

Expect the Senators to come in with a lot of confidence – based on their success against us this year. But I also expect the Rangers to be ready – with a something special coming from Henrik Lundqvist this second season.

16 wins and we raise the Cup!

Here we go!

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