Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Updates – lines and lineups

Here’s the latest from Ranger-land:

The lines as they practiced today:

Line One: Avery-Prospal-Gaborik: My dream line – reunited and it feels so good.

Line Two: Higgins-Drury-Callahan: These guys seem to go together – but I’m not sure it’s for a good reason.

Line Three: Boyle-Anisimov-Kotalik. Two centers and a cannon. “Anis” demoted from line 1 to 3. Keep your chin up Artem – and keep your head up also.

Line Four: Brashear-Christensen-Parenteau. Glad to have Punch-Man back. And with the “Second Coming” of Christiansen off the waver wire and PA – the 4th line has some potential scoring to it.

Odd men out: Lisin. Voros.

Redden returns to the team. We were 1-3 without him. But 2 were against the Penguins.

Self-Tooting Horn Department

Back on December 5th I wrote:

Brashear's hurt. Undisclosed punching injury. No one told me this - but I think he's got a cracked rib from some nasty body shots he took recently.

And today he admitted it was, in fact a rib injury. I just had a feeling from the way he looked while absorbing body shots – like he was really hurt and trying to hide it. So score one for the Blueshirt Brothers.

Puck drops 8:30. Go Avery!

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