Saturday, December 19, 2009

Twas six days before Christmas

Twas six days before Christmas and all through the rink
Skated our New York Rangers - I just hope they don't stink

They all had but one wish - though it may have been silly
"May we rise up this one game and stick it to Philly"

The Rangers all gazed at their goal with such care
In hopes that King Henrik, soon would be there.

And just when the franchise looked like it might cease
Our own Henrik Lundqvist did skate into his crease.

With his mighty Blue Shirt and his merry Red pants
King Henrik was playing and man - can he dance!

From the look in his eye you just knew he'd play well
And from behind his great mask he did let out a yell

"On Gabby, on Cally, and Avery too"
Go score us some goals - and please more than just two!

You can put it on MSG - put it on Versus
You can can listen to Torts and each one of his curses

You can forecheck and hustle you can dump the puck in
But no matter what happens - the Rangers will win

And with save after save Henrik stood on his head
And soon all the Flyers fans went home to bed.

And when Henrik had beat them despite all the dangers
He said "Merry Christmas to all, and to all Let's Go Rangers!"

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