Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Sanguinetti (not Penguin-Ready)

Bobby Sanguinetti who had been called up to the Rangers from Hartford to replace the injured Wade Redden, proved to not be ready to face the Pittsburgh Penguins. Bobby looked a little over his head in both losses and word today is that he has been sent back down to the Hartford Wolf Pack – the AHL minor league affiliate.

You know, we’ve really been spoiled by the great play of Del Zotto and Gilroy. Bobby looked like a rookie out there – which is exactly how a rookie is supposed to look of course. But when Gilly and Delzy had shown themselves to be NHL ready right out of the chute – we were half expecting Sanguinetti to do the same.

With Bobby departing for parts North – we can only assume that Wade Redden will be rejoining the team by the weekend. We were 0-3 without Wade. I will not say that I’m happy to have him back, but – as long as we have to pay his salary – and as long as we don’t have anyone better to replace him - and as long as his (we’re guessing shoulder) injury wasn’t season ending or career ending – I suppose it will be better having him on the team.

So, bye-bye Bobby. Better luck next time around.


  1. 0-3 without Redden. Just sayin' ;)

    He can't be worse Sanguietti. Atleast in theory he should know how to play..

  2. Hey Anon - I'm with you. And, you know, If a rookie came out and played exactly like Redden it would be a good thing because (1) you assume the rookie will improve over time and (2) the rookie won't burn a $6.5 million dollar hole in your salary cap doing it. But yes, in theory Wade does know what to do out there. Doesn't he?