Monday, December 28, 2009

Shoot The Puck! (Or Maybe Not?)

Did anyone else notice this?

The Rangers just concluded a short (but most welcome) 4 game winning streak. Then they lost at home to the Islanders in overtime.

How many of those last five games did the Rangers get more shots on goal than their opponents?

Just one. And that game was: The loss!

Which means: We were outshot in all four wins.

Why is that - and what does it mean?

It means a few different things, actually:

1 - When we get the lead - we stop shooting.

2 - When any team gets behind - they shoot more

3 - but most of all it means that when Henrik Lundqvist plays well - we win. And when he doesn't - we don't. And night after night - the combined actions of 20+ other teammates has less of an impact on us winning and losing than one special goalie does.

Which gets us back to our recurring theme: how to best take care of Henrik Lundqvist. Which - as any high school hockey coach would tell you - involves more rest. Because when Hank plays well - we win - and when he doesn't we don't.

Of course - the other conclusion we could draw from the last 5 games is that shooting less than your opponent is the key to victory!

But I don't think that's really going to work....

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