Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Don't Spank The Hank!

There's been some nasty talk and newspaper articles recently about Henrik Lundqvist - the man who has been long acknowledged as the Rangers Best Player.  

We've always believed that for the Rangers to win the Stanley Cup - Hank has to be extraordinary.  

Well - he hasn't been extraordinary.  He's been ordinary.  And he's been worse than regular ordinary.  he's been Extra-ordinary.  (Editor - isn't that the same as extraordinary?)  (Dave Pucks - no - it's the opposite.)  (Ed - Well, it's got the same exact letters in the same exact order)  (Dave Pucks - yeah but that dash changes everything)

We're more than a quarter way into this season - and Henrik's stats are, well, nothing short of alarming.

At  we're big believers in save percentage.  And for many happy year's Hank was one of the league leaders.  But not now.  

It's not that he's fallen out of the top ten.  He has - but it's worse than that.  And he's not in then top 20 either.  Look it's like this:

Number 36?  Yikes!  Now, we had half of our defense hurt for a while there - and McDonagh is still playing his way back into form after a separated shoulder.  But still - 36th?

Our view over here at is that everyone should calm down and have some patience.  The bright side is obvious.  If the Rangers are above .500 with a sub par goalie - how good will they be when Lundqvist starts playing like, well, Lundqvist?

He started out slowly last year and ended up playing pretty well in the playoffs.  I'll bet he can do it again.

Dave Pucks over and out - and thanks for reading.

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