Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Again with the Badness! Ranger fall to Tampa

I guess the best thing we can say at this point is that we don’t have to face the Lightning again in the regular season – and if we can avoid them in the playoffs – we never have to see them again at all
The Rangers got three goals – they limited Tampa Bay to 20 shots – and were still blown off the Garden ice 6-3.  Another ugly loss in a series of them with the Lightning – a series which is now, thankfully, over, but in which the Rangers were swept. 
Hank’s save percentage?  It was a dreadfully ordinary 0.750%.  You can’t beat anyone like that.

You wants some positives?  Give me a minute.

Our offense keeps working and scoring.    Another goal for Marty St. Louis – his 10th on the year.  And the youngsters keep contributing – a goal each for Fast and Hayes.  Assists for Stempniak, Brassard, Stepan, McDonagh, Nash and Hagelin.

Did Special teams decide this game?  Not exactly.  We were 1-5 on the powerplay.  Tampa was 1-4.  (Editor: we killed off a 5-on-3) (Dave Pucks: Yeah, but the Lightning’s 3rd goal came after the 5-on-3 when our exhausted players couldn't clear or get off the ice in time.)  So we were kind of outscored 2-1 on the powerplay – but we were also outscored at even strength 3-2 even if you remove the empty netter and that aforementioned exhaustion goal after the 5-on-3.  (Editor: “Aforementioned” means that Dave talked about it earlier).  So we would have lost even if there were no powerplay goals.

Honestly – the positive is that we’ve got more scoring ability this year.  So when we can’t shut an opponent down – we can still stay in the game.  If we can score three goals and limit the other guys to 20 shots – I’ll take my chances most nights.  But not last night.

Where we stand: We still hold the 3rd and final playoff spot in the Metro division.  The hated Capitals trail us by 2 points with a game at hand.

Next: Our heroes don’t play again until Saturday when they will take on the Red Wings in Detroit.  So settle in for a long Ranger-less week. 

Don't despair, Ranger fans, those nasty men from Florida are gone now and they won't bother us again.  Dave Pucks over and out - and thanks for reading.

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