Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Rangers Win A Hockey Game

Stop the presses! The season is not over. The Rangers have won a hockey game.

Twenty seconds into overtime and the Rangers, still winless after 180 minutes of the 2013 season, were defending in their own zone as the boss-town Bruins, who had scored three of the games last four goals, were on the attack.

And the stage was set for Marian Gaborik to take over a game - and maybe save a season.

Step 1. Gabby lunges forward and deflects a cross ice Bruin pass out of the Rangers' defensive zone toward center ice. Huge play that ended the Boston threat.

Step Two: Marian beats everyone to the deflected puck. Now we have possession of the puck.

Step Three: Gabby puts his head down and skates with all his might and speed toward the Bruin goal, maintaining just the slightest lead over the chasing defenseman. Holy crap - we've got a breakaway.

Step Four: Gaborik slams the blade of his stick to the ice - but does not shoot yet. Go back and look at this on the video. It's an attempt to throw the Boston goaltender just a big off his timing. What a great move. How many other players have you EVER seen pulling that stunt with the game on the line.

Step five: Gabby shoots. The off balance goaltender - who has been killing us all night -makes a great stop and the puck bounces into the air.

Step Six: Gaborik does the impossible. In the tiny fraction of a second left to him, Marian lifts his stick and with the stick blade swats the puck out of mid air - and into the Bruin's goal.

Rangers Win. The Rangers Win!

It's early. And we have a lot of work to do. But make no mistake. That was a huge goal and a huge win for the New York Ranger hockey team.

And tonight they are right back at it against the Flyers.

- Dave Pucks

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