Sunday, January 6, 2013


Throw open the doors!  Wake the neighbors!  Blast Bruce Springsteen's Jungleland from every ipod!

The Rangers!  The Rangers!

The Rangers are BACK!

Break out the Goal Song.  Dust off the lucky pucks.  Set your Lundqvist bobble-head a-jiggling.

The Rangers are BACK!

Rouse Sam Rosen from his slumber.  Motion Micheletti to the mic.  Douse Dave Maloney with a bag of pucks.  Wake up boys!

The Rangers are BACK!

Grab Gaborik.  Contact Krieder.  Reach out to Richards.  Dial up Del Zotto.  Call Callahan.  Signal Staal.  And - for the first time - Notify Nash!

 The Rangers are BACK!

Awaken all ye Blueshirt Brothers.  Rise up, fans.  Jump to your feet, all you faithful.  Stand together as one.  Your team - your hockey club - your New York Rangers - are back.  They're ready.  They're rested.

And baby, they are coming for the CUP!

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