Monday, January 21, 2013

Oh no. The season is over.

Well kids, this is not how Dave Pucks thought we'd come out of the gate. In fact I'm not sure we even have come out of the gate at all this year.

Two games. Two losses. And just 46 games to go.

It got so bad against the despised
Penguins at home that John Tortorella yanked Hank out of the net. And he said he did it for a reason I have never heard before

Torts said:

"I was not going to keep him out there with what was going on in front of him"

Uh. Okay coach.

Anyway we focus on Positives here at the Dave Pucks site. You get plenty of gloom a doom from other Ranger fans so we try to shoot a little sunshine up the five hole at this establishment.

So here we go. This is the problem: We have a brand new top line with Mr. Nash as a new arrival. And Brad Richards has the flu. Other teams with top lines that played together last year are at a natural advantage right now. That problem will go away.

And John Tortorella didn't have the chance to set up his system or his fitness regimen or anything this year.

So calm down people. It's two games.

Of course game three feels like a must game. Which is crazy three games in to the season.

Isn't it?

I sure hope so. Anyway, lets win a friggin hockey game  and we can reassess after that.

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