Monday, April 26, 2010

Still some things to root for

So - how are our newly adopted teams doing?

Scott Gomez and the Montreal Canadians stayed alive Saturday - winning game 5 by a score of 2-1 against a Washington Capitals team that had scored 17 goals in the 3 games before that. If the Canadians can hold down that goal machine Ovechkin and his mates - they'll have a chance. But Washington scores goals so easily - it will be tough. The win gives the Habs a chance to even the series 3 all tonight in Montreal.

We also have a game 6 in Boston tonight - with the Bruins needing a home win for the series upset over Ryan Miller and the Sabres. Normally I'd be rooting Sabres because of their USA Olympic Goaltender - but Miller hates the Rangers - so it's hard to be on his side.

The Flyers already dispatched the hated Devils - in 5 games - which is great. It just about brings to an end the mighty dominance of a fat aging Martin Brodeur. That New Jersey team has to really start wondering what to do with their starting goaltender position now. NJ had the worst performance of any playoff team this year - winning just one game - despite getting the number 2 seed in the East. What little happiness I have for this hockey season comes from this.

And the Ottawa Senators - who we were rooting for all the way against the hated Pittsburgh Penguins - time has run out. After stunning the 'Quins in the opener - the Senators lost 3 straight - won game 5 - and took a 2-0 lead in games 6. But the lead - and the series fell apart for the underdogs - and the hated Sidney Crosby and company won 3-2, clinching the series in 6 games.

I'm not even thinking about the West yet - other than my surprise that the Red Wings face a game 7 on the road in Phoenix on Tuesday.

But at least - because we dislike so many other teams - this Ranger-less playoffs still gives us a little something left to root for. Or against, really.

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