Thursday, April 1, 2010

Let's Go Islanders? (Just for tonight)

The season is growing short and in the NHL playoff qualifying game of musical chairs - we're still not near one of the eight seats.

Six games to go. Tenth place. 4 points out of the 8th and final position in the East.

But - on the plus side - we're also 4 points out of 6th. The Flyers, Canadiens and Bruins all have 82 points. We've got 78. The Thrashers have 80.

What we need now are two simple things:

We need to win - and we need some other teams - at least 2 other teams - to lose.

Against us is a New Jersey Devil's team that keeps losing on purpose to the teams we're chasing - just to try and keep us out of the playoffs.

And the question tonight is - will the Islanders do the same thing? The Islanders play host to Philadelphia - a team with a few key injuries. The 'slanders aren't quite officially eliminated yet - so I'm hoping they give it their best effort.

On the plus side - our remaining schedule - in theory - is a little more favorable than some of the guys ahead of us. Of course - teams that have made the playoffs already won't be playing as hard - so you can throw that analysis right out the zamboni window.

It's just a mad scramble to the finish line (not the Finnish Line - that's Jokinen and his line mates) with five teams clawing for 3 spots.

Beside Islanders-Flyers there are other important games tonight. Boston plays Florida tonight and Atlanta plays the first place Washington Capitals

The Rangers get the night off and can focus on the part of the equation they can control - a game against Tampa Bay on Friday.

It isn't over yet - but it's getting late. We've got to make our move soon. So tonight, even though we're not playing - we'll be rooting like crazy. We'll keep one eye on the Islander game - and the other eye on the scoreboard. And we invoke the hockey gods - and my lucky Jean Ratelle card - for assistance.

Let's go Islanders! And Panthers! And Capitals! (But just for tonight)

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