Friday, January 22, 2010

Will Habs Hit Gabs?

In our last 6 games we scored 15 times. That's not terrible - but 14 of those games came in just 2 of the 6 games. So it works out to two lopsided wins and 4 loses.

So when we take the ice up north in Montreal tonight - which Ranger team will be skating out there? The Powerhouse or the Pushovers?

And will Montreal - who has now seen a utube of the Flyers pounding Marian Gaborik with their fists while the Rangers stood and watched - take notice? You bet they will. Because until the Rangers learn to defend themselves - every teram in the league will go after them.

I thought that was what Don Brashear was for. I thought Sather brought him in here as a skilled puncher - as someone who could protect our star playersd against exactly what happened Thursday.

If that's not Brash's role - then what is his role? Why are we throwing 1 milllion scarce salary cap dollars at this aging player if not to prevent exactly what happened on Thursday?

So tonight - we'll see if Punch-man is even in the lineup. We'll see if the Habs go after Gabs. And we'll see which Ranger team comes to play.

Dave Pucks Predicts: we win 3-2. But honestly - I'm not feelin' it tonight.

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