Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Another Encouraging Loss (?)

You know, these last dozen games or so – I even like how the Rangers lose. Don't get me wrong – we wasted this supreme defensive effort anchored by Henrik Lundqvist but radiating outward through the defense and forwards. But we hung tough and got a point – against a pretty good Devils team that took 4 rounds of Shoot Out to beat us.

All said the Devils launched 45 shots at us but The King Henrik stopped them all. And we fired back with 51 shots of our own.

My 11 year old son Puck's Junior was mesmerized by the game. “96 shots,” he said before the Shoot Out began, “and nobody's scored.” He's right – if you like classic defensive struggles – this certainly was one.

And you know - I'd sign up to get us in a Shoot Out with a first place team any night of the week. With Hank in goal and the Shoot Out talent we supposedly have on this team – we should be scoring more

Anyway, here's the recap:

The Goalies: Hank was perfect for 65 minutes and 3 shoot out rounds – and he gets a shut out – and... it wasn't good enough. It was however – amazing and the best he's played all year. Lundqvist is the reason we skate off with a point last night. He stopped 45 shots. That's 2 games worth in one night.

But that fat one – the devil – was a little better. He stopped 51 shots and 4 rounds of Shoot Out. Still – Gaborik almost beat him. Almost. Damn.

And I'll keep saying it – just the idea that Chad Johnson is around and will start some games is lifting a weight off Hank's shoulders and making him a better player.

Special Teams: Both teams were 0-2 on the PowerPlay. We stopped some 5-on-3 action. But again one PP goal would have won it.

The New Veteran Rangers: No one scored – but Gaborik came the closest - an OT shot that trickled by Brodeur and slid into the post. So close.

The Kid Rangers: Pointless

The Returning Rangers: Also pointless.

Defense on Offense: Nothing – but the Defense really played some defense.

In Conclusion: Still only 1 regulation loss in the last 12 games. Big test against an elite team and we hung with them and got a point. I'll (reluctantly) take it.
Next Up: On Thursday Ottawa comes to town.

Where We Stand: The point keeps us in 6th place and runs us to a tie at 51 points with 5th place Boston. Those Flyers (8-1-1 in their last 10) have climbed into 7th, just 2 points behind us with a game at hand.


  1. Even though they lost, GREAT game last night! Lets Go Rangers!

  2. Hi Nichole. Thanks for the comment. Henrik was back at his best last night for the first time in a long time. Good to see.