Monday, January 4, 2010

Torts has a Secret Plan!

Here we go again. You can always count on John Tortorella to do something – about almost everything.

The problem (this week) is the Ranger's performance on home ice. We're just 8-10-2 at the Garden, tied with Carolina for the worst home record in the NHL (thanks, in part, to Carolina for beating us here on Saturday).

So the Ranger's head coach has reportedly had enough of the Rangers poor MSG performance and according to the Bergen Record, John is considering making changes to the Rangers pregame routine to try and fix the problem.

And what exactly are these changes that John told the Bergen Record about?

He's not telling.

(How's that again?)

That's right, John Tortorella told the Bergen Record he was considering making changes – but he would not tell them what changes he was considering making.

That would make them Secret Changes. Which means that the Ranger coach has some kind of Secret Plan to improve the Rangers Home game performance.

So – will they work - these Secret Changes Tortorella told us about – but won't tell us about?

Time will tell. (Unless it doesn't).

One thing that's not a secret – our next opponent:

Who The Hell Are We Playing? Fresh off their New Year's Day Winter Classic come-from-behind win at Fenway, the Boss-Town Bruins come to town to face the Rangers on home ice that has been anything but kind to the BlueShirts. The Bruins are in 5th place in the East at 21-12-7, (six points ahead of us at 19-17-5). The Bruins are 5-3-2 in their last 10 and on a 2 game winning streak.

Primary Skaters: Boston is lead by the 14 goals of Left Winger Marco Sturn and the 11 goals of Center Patrice Bergeron. Defenseman Zdeno Chara leads the team with 22 assists and with a +10.

In Net: Tim Thomas has a 2.36 GAA and a .920 save percentage in 25 games. Tuuka Rask has a GAA 1.85 and a save percentage pf .935.

Scoring & Defense: The Bruins have 105 goals to our 108. They have let up only 95 goals to our 115.

Special Effects: Boston converts 17.9% of their PowerPlays to our 20.5%. They kill off a league-leading 88% of their penalties to our 85.2%.

Scheduling Conflicts: We lost in OT on Saturday afternoon. Boss-town, as everyone knows, won the Winter classic on Jan 1. So they're a little more rested.

Probable Lines: The top line seems to be Gaborik with Waiver-Guy Christensen and Brandon Dubinsky. Not sure aout the rest.

On Defense: Same six.

In Goal: The Rangers actually sent Chad Johnson down to the AHL over the weekend to get him a start – bringing up Matt Zaba for the Carolina game. Maybe this means one of these guys will get an NHL start soon. I sure hope so. Our current plan of over using Hank is not good for anyone.

Dave Puck Predicts: I'm trying to think about how we can get three goals tonight. I'm not sure exactly. Boston will get at least one or two. So how about this? We win 3-2 - on a shootout.

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