Monday, March 30, 2015

Lost Weekend - Rangers fall to Caps 5-2

Okay, not good.  The Rangers have lost two in a row in regulation for first time since January.  They let up 5 goals this time – Talbot – and the Caps beat them 5-2 on an afternoon game on no days rest.

Maybe we’re slumping at the wrong time.  Maybe we’re looking ahead to the playoffs after clinching.

Whatever it is – the president’s trophy is fading from view – not that it was a useful goal anyway.  Being the front runner is emotionally and physically exhausting and takes away energy you need for the playoffs.  The Stanley cup finals are NEVER a context between the top points teams in the East vs. West.  They playoffs are their own animal – most series don’t go 7 – and home ice for some odd reason – is never the advantage it should be.

We didn’t help Cam enough – and we didn't shoot enough.  13 shots total in periods 2 and 3.  You’re not going to beat a lot of teams that way.

We did score twice though – on consecutive shots in the 1st period.  By Hayes and Brassard. 

What Did We Learn?  We are in a slump. 

Assist “Sisters”:   Assists for McDonagh and Zuccarello.  That’s it.

Did Special Teams Determine The Outcome Of This Game?  I will say yes.  We were 0-5 and Ovechkin was 1-4.  You reverse that stat and we’re tied (minus the empty netter).

Where Do We Stand?  We’re still first in the Metro, six points and a game at hand up on the Pengiuns with 7 to play.  And a point behind Montreal with a game at hand for top of the East.  The way it looks now – it’s us and the Canadiens racing for the right to play the number 8 seed – which right now is Boston.

Oh My - What Will Happen Next?  Tuesday in Winnipeg against the J-E-T-S. 

Non-Sequitur of the day:  This never happened when Skapski was on the team…

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