Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Turnovers cost the Rangers (Knicks?) in 4-1 loss to the Devils

Those damn Turnovers. You'd think we were talking basketball, where we're often lamenting turnovers by the New York Knickerbockers. Jeremy Lin turnovers. Team turnovers. They are killing the Knicks (don't get me started).

But last night - it was turnovers that hurt the New York Rangers. As coach John Torotrella put it:

"Turnovers that were just ridiculous cost us the game."

"Way too many mistakes," added Henrik Lindqvist, who posted an .893 save percentage despite a few Ranger give-aways that resulted in great chances that the Devils converted for goals. Hank let in 3. The 4th in the 4-1 loss was an empty-netter.

The Devils scored in the game's first minute (off a turnover) and never looked back.

The Lone Ranger score was Derek Stepan, who has scored in 2 straight games. Assists for Girardi and Hagelin. And that's it.

Some better news - Ranger stranger Ryan Callahan returned to the lineup - dispelling Dave Puck's fears that his foot was broken. He was minus 2 - but hey - he's back - and it will get better.

We were both outshot (29-26) and out hit (18-12). I honestly cannot remember that last time that happened this season.

So - we lost to a hated rival - and speaking of the Knicks - they lost too. Chalk it up to turnovers.

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