Friday, March 2, 2012


Ranger backup goalie Martin Biron had been going through a rough stretch.

Maybe Biron's play isn't a big deal. After all - it's Henrik Lundqvist who will start every playoff game.

But it's Marty B. who can get Hank the rest he needs down the stretch. When Biron plays well - it pushes and rests our number one goalie in just the right way. And it's essential if the Rangers are going to surge into the playoffs in the top seed in the East.

Biron did play well last night against the Carolina Hurricane. It was 0-0 late in the first when Brandon Dubinksy, who's morale was clearly impacted by being the trade bait in the failed Rick Nash transaction, committed a bone-headed penatly late in the first that led to a Carolina power play goal in the period's final minute.

When Dubie emerged from the penalty box - he was committed to the bench by coach John Tortorella the rest of the way.

Despite the deficit - Marty bounced back making some wonderful saves in the 2nd period with the Hurricane threatening to take a 2-0 lead. But thanks to Biron, the Rangers held on until our scorers could get us back in the game.

Marty did yield a 2nd goal in the game's final minute - but by then the Rangers had a 2 goal lead and hung on to win 3-2

We out hit the other guys 19-16 and out shot them 25-23. We were playing without Captain Callahan who was missing his first shot-block-injury game of the year.

Cam Ward used to have our number - but now we have his. Marty out-saved him .913 to .880.

The game included a remarkable 2:28 of no one in goal for Carolina - during which the Rangers did not score. (Are we sure we need goalies - the Knicks do fine without one)

We were 0 for 3 on the powerplay and 4-5 on the penalty kill (we won anyway).

Gaborik had his 30th goal and an assist.

Other goal scorers were Anisimov and the hard working Mr. Prust.

Addition assisters were: Bickel, Boyle, Feds, and 2 assists for Stepan.

Nice win for Marty - and the Rangers roll on.
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