Thursday, January 26, 2012

J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets (lose to Rangers 3-0)

Dos Nueve! That's what we here at Blueshirt Brothers call Chad Johnson - a goaltender in the Rangers minor league system. That's because the football player Chad Johnson changed his name (hilariously) to Ocho Cinco. So with the Ranger's Chad Johnson having number 29 - we call him - Dos Nueve!

Marty Biron was slated to get the last Ranger start before the All Star Break - but came down with that nasty flu that everyone and his (or Payton Manning's) brother has been catching.

And so the Rangers sent a call out to Chad Johnson to pack a bag and head to New York City and the circular arena they call Madison Square. With Henrik Lundqvist expecting the day off - would our man Chad get the call?

Sadly, no.

Tortorella went with Lundqvist. And the Dave Pucks household (big Chad fans) did the opposite of rejoicing. Pucks Junior asked if we should root for a minor injury to Hank - and I quickly dispelled the thought. Do not bring any bad karma on Lundqvist - don't play with fire - be careful what you wish for (and so on).

Anyway. All this flu and the Chad thing had more drama for me than the game turned out to have.

The Jets (the NHL jets) are just not that good. (Don't get me started on the football jets). And, amazing, our New York Rangers are - to my great astonishment - One Of The Best Teams In The NHL.

And so - Hank reset his mind from "vacation" to "hockey night in New York" and simply went out and recorded his fifth shut out in the Rangers 3-0 win.

Henrik's teammates did most of the work - scoring three times and limiting Winnipeg to just 22 shots on goal. You give Hank 3 goals and just 22 shots to handle and you are going to win a lot of hockey games.

There were Ranger goals for captain Callahan, Mitchell, and Brad Richards.

And assists for Stralman, Boyle, Del Zotto, Stepan, and again, Callahan.

So - another win - another 2 points - and another day high up in the standings.

And we're at the All Star break now - so the Rangers get a chance to contemplate their unexpectedly success so far and recharge their batteries for the 2nd half of the season.

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