Wednesday, November 2, 2011

SEAN! (Again!)

You have got to be freakin' kidding me!

Sean Avery's New York Ranger Hockey career was (for the second time!) clearly, definitively, totally and completely over. Glen Sather had flushed him through wavers to Hartford. John Tortorella had made it clear – the Rangers thought their roster was “better” without him.

He was banished – exiled – and cut off from the only arena he had ever felt at home in. And all the Ranger faithful who loved Sean for every sneaky, fiery, crafty, gutsy, rule-changing move he ever made on the ice – well, we all felt like we'd lost a best friend.

But then – as the Rangers began losing – night after night getting outshot – dropping 6 of their first 9 games – the fan base began to voice their displeasure. As the Rangers lost on home ice on Saturday the fans rose up as one and began yelling:

“Avery – Avery – Avery – Avery”

On and on it went – growing in volume and power. Until Sam Rosen had to mention it on the air. Until we heard it at home. Until Sather could ignore it no longer.

Then the rumors started. At first we ignored them. It was impossible. Too good to be true.

But the rumors kept on. Then the tentative reports.

Could it be?

And suddenly – on Monday – the announcement. Sean Avery was being recalled back through wavers.

We sweated out the 24 hours. But really – who else on earth would have picked him? Dallas? The Islanders? No – there is only one NHL uniform that will ever fit on Seanny's back – the classic blue shirt.

And then at noon on Wednesday it became official. The Sean Avery New York Rangers story is not over. And the next chapter – well, it begins Thursday night.

And with it – boys and girls – well, your old pal Dave Pucks is back too. We lost our original domain: – so now you'll have to find us over here at But if Sean can come back from the dead – so can this website.

So – come on back for more of all that Ranger stuff you can't get anywhere but here. And Pucks Junior will be posting as well.

Strap in and enjoy the ride folks – Sean Avery's back – and so are we!

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