Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Bad for Wolski - Good for Avery

Wojtek Wolski is no dummy. He saw his chance to play on a line with Brad Richards and Marian Gaborik and worked hard in the off-season to make the most of it. Wojtek worked all summer with a renowned skating instructor – trying to get his speed and strength up to keep up with Gabs and Brad.

So, Wolski gave it all he had. He stretched his limits. He pushed himself to the brink. He asked more of his athlete's body than he ever had before.

The result: A Sports Hernia – an operation – and Wojtek is out for about a month.

I like the term “Sports Hernia”. It's like an attempt to macho-up the common old man hernia so that athletes won't be ashamed to have it. When I was a kid no one got Sports Hernias – so I suppose they are a new invention of the modern medical world.

In any event – it's bad luck for Wolski – and bad luck for the Rangers. But – it sure looks like good luck for Sean Avery. With the Rangers down a forward, Sean has some time to get his game going, and hopefully, stick with the club.

In the meantime – we wish Wolski the best of luck and a speedy recovery. And as long as he's getting operated on – maybe they can remove the “W” from the start of his name and replace it with a “V” so that everyone will pronounce his name properly....

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