Monday, May 10, 2010

We don't miss Gomez (and he doesn’t miss us)

Scott Gomez was a Ranger last year. This year he is a Canadian – traded by the Blueshirts to make some salary cap room to bring in Marian Gaborik. Scotty had his moments as a Ranger and we wish him well.

And of course – like any break-up – we’re left wondering if we’re better off without him and if he’s better off without us.

With the Rangers in 2008-09 Gomez had 16 goals, 42 assists for 58 points. This year with the Habs he only had 12 goals – but also 47 assists for 59 points.

In the playoffs this year he has 1 goal and 7 assists (with no goals yet but 3 assists against Pittsburgh) He’s good – he’s not great. He can carry the puck and pass it but can’t get it into the net. He has played okay - but has not stepped up his game in crunch time - much like his behavior here last season. I haven’t seen anything in his play in this second round series that makes me wish he were still a Ranger. Certianly not at his current salary level.

And I’m equally sure that Gomez is happier on the Canadiens right now than he would be sitting home watching the playoffs as a Ranger this year.

It is an amiable breakup. No tears. It’s better for him and for us. (And yes, this means Glen Sather made a good hockey move) And for our part – we can root for him – but I don’t really miss him.

So, I can say in good conscience: Good luck tonight Scotty. Because for you and our newly adopted team - Montreal – your season could end tonight. Habs are home in game 6 against the (Editor: the word "hated" was removed and replaced with the term "strongly disliked") Pittsburgh Penguins and need a win to knot the series at 3 wins apiece.

The other game on the scoreboard is also an Eastern conference match-up and could also be an elimination game. It will be Boston's 2nd try at sending the Flyers back to South Philly. Philadelphia avoided a sweep last week with a 5-4 Overtime victory. But they still trail the Bruins 3-1 in the series and will have to win in Boston to keep breathing.

Anyway - tonight - go Habs and go Bruins.

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