Monday, May 10, 2010

My favorite moments this season (by pucks jr.)

Sorry that I haven't posted in a while, but it was just the way the season ended, we came so close... So any way these are some of my favorite moments this season. They're not in any order just the first ones that come to mind.

It was one of those Penguins Rangers games. Cry baby Crosby had dove over a stick in front of the net, and then complained to the ref that he was tripped. So Lundqvist faced Crosby and smacked him.He smacked him! Then Crosby started hitting Lundqvist with his stick so then Dubi skated from the neutral zone at full speed and smashed Crosby's face into the boards. That's one of the great things about Dubi, he sticks up for everyone (and he usually had no hope of winning a fight). So that was one great moment.

That amazing, come from behind, Devils Rangers victory was another great moment. I want to pick one part but the entire game was just amazing. Lunky's game-on-the-line saves were just awesome. When he stopped Kovalchuk in overtime, and his great saves that kept us with in one goal while we fell apart mid game. And Christensen with his blind behind the back pass to Drury to tie the game up with under a minute left. That's the thing with Drury, he can score as long as he's unguarded and three feet away from the net. And the shoot out goal by Christensen, when it bounced of the post, hit the inside of the net and bounced out. Doc Emerik said it wasn't a goal until it was reviewed and called a goal. Then Lunky's save on Parise and Elias, great game.

Then there was that nhl 3d game debut where we crushed the Slanders five or six to nothing. Not only did we play great we also embarrassed the Slanders on what was probably their most watched game of the season. I don't remember much about the game just that I was so happy that we won.

So maybe this wasn't the Rangers, or the nhl, but another great moment was when fatso (Broudeur) was pulled from the Olympics. Then when the Canadians won the gold nobody would touch fatso. He kept skating up to people and trying to hug them, but nobody noticed him.

So those were some great moments this season, I just wish it hadn't ended so soon.
(Pucks Junior is the 11 year old son of Dave Pucks.)

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