Sunday, April 19, 2015

Sadness! Penguins Beat Rangers to tie series at 1-1

Okay – nobody thought we were going to sweep all 16 games.  But we all did think that maybe we could get out on NY with a 2-0 lead and put the pressure on Pittsburgh.  But – obviously that did not happen as the Rangers lost the 2nd period 3-0 in route to a 4-3 defeat against hated rivals the Pittsburgh Penguins.

There are not going to be many nights when Henrik Lundqvist posts an .818 save percentage – but that’s what happened last night. 

We only had three shots in the first – but took the lead anyway on a Derek Stepan goal.  We limited the Penguins to 5 shots in the first and 6 in the third – but the 11 shots on the 2nd resulted in three goals against. 

In the third we managed two goals – but Brassard and Nash (two late).  But Pittsburgh’s 4th goal made it just too hard to come back all the way.  Fleury saved 0.885% and somehow won with that. 

If you’re looking for positives – I see them.  Score three goals and limit Pittsburgh to 22 shots and we’re going to win most nights.  So no need to panic 

Not yet anyway.

What Did We Learn?  We learned that the Penguins are not a walk in the park.  This is a real series and we will have to play our best to survive.

Assist “Sisters”:   Assists for Miller, Stepan, Boyle, McDonagh, Zuccarello, and Yandle. 

Did Special Teams Determine The Outcome Of This Game?  Unfortunetly yes.  The Rangers were 1 for 7 on the powerplay.  The Penguins were 2 for 4.  And that was the hockey game.

Where Do We Stand?  Tied 1-1 with the Penguins.  Still 3 wins from the 2nd round and 15 wins from the cup.

Oh My - What Will Happen Next?  Monday night we have game 3.

Non-Sequitur of the day:  Mets are 7-0 at home

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