Friday, May 11, 2012

Resilient (I wish they weren't)

The Washington Capitals have bounced back to win after a playoff loss 6 consecutive times this year. You just can't beat them twice in a row.

The good news is that the Rangers won't have to.

The Caps won at home, 2-1, on Wednesday to stay alive and knot the series 3-3 with the Rangers.

The Rangers did manage a little last minute heroics - at 19:09 of the third period when Marian Gaborik slkammed one past Holtby with assistance from Stepan and Girardi. But it wasn't enough.

So it all comes down to Saturday.

One game - winner take all. Losewr go home.

And that game is at MSG. The Garden should be rocking.

It will probably come down to who scores first. And maybe Holtby will feel the pressure this time. But don't count on it - he's been a steady rock back there for the Caps so far this series.

For the third time this season the Rangers have a must-win game. The first 2 worked out okay against Ottawa - let's hope they can do this one more time.

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