Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Rangers fall 2-0 to Penguins

We fought.

We attacked.

We kept digging and working and moving the puck and trying.

But it just wasn't our night.

Still - the team wasn't lifeless. They kept trying for the full 60 minutes.

What I'm saying is - we lost to the Penguins 2-0 on the road - but we didn't quit.

We were outshot 31-27, however. But we out-hit the aquatic birds 30-18.

The powerplay once again let us down - going 0-3 while the 'Quins were 1 of 2. That's your difference right there.

There were time we looked like we were shorthanded - but we were at full strength.

So - tough night - but this is what life is like in first place. Everyone gets psyched up to play you.

Still - we battled and never gave up. In the long run I like our chances with Lundqvist over Marc-Andre. We'll get them next time.

I hope.

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