Friday, December 16, 2011

Avery-less Rangers feeling The Blues

Could it be any more obvious?

You take Sean Avery off a team that lost only twice with him in the lineup and what do you get?

You get 2 straight losses.

The Rangers suddenly look dazed and confused on offense and less than perfect on defense - falling to the St. Louis Blues last night 4-1.

We were outshot 37-26. We were out-hit. And we were out face-off-ed 40 to 26 (and yes – I know "face-off-ed" is not a word). We lost. And frankly - the Sean-less Rangers are not nearly as fun to watch. We not just losing - we're losing boring.

Tortorella sees what we're seeing. But he doesn't like Sean Avery. He resents Glen Sather imposing Aves on his team. And he sure doesn't want Sean looking like a star on the HBO 24-7 series leading up to the Jan 2nd outdoor game in Philly.

And - if Torts thinks Mike Rupp is just about ready to play - he'd love to give Sean's spot to Rupp. But the best way – in John's angry eyes - is to ease Avery out before easing Rupp back in. Christensen is just a placeholder in Tortorella's scheme - keeping the slot occupied as a Not-Sean for the time being.

So we watch. And wait. And hope that Glen can convince John T. to do the right thing. For Avery. For the fans. And for the NY Rangers.

Get our favorite sparkplug back in the engine!

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