Thursday, November 26, 2009

DRURY!!! (by Pucks Junior)

Chris Drury was back and he played GREAT. We kept killing penalties because Drury kept winning faceoffs so we could clear the zone. He had an awesome assist to Gaborik to put us up one nothing. It's great to have him back.

Lundqvist- Before the game Dave Pucks and I were watching Unsung Playoff Heros. They had about five minutes of it on Lundqvist two years ago. I watched him and I was blown away. He was AMAZING! So I say to Dave Pucks (My Dad) I hope Lundqvist is Lundqvist again, and last night he was Amazing! He let up ONE goal for FIVE periods (counting the OT and SO).

Gaborik- MARIAN GABORIK! HE now has the most goals in the league (19) and is tied for most points with Anze Kopitar (33). Gaborik's goal in the final minute of the second period was sneaky. It's almost like he said "I didn't do it" as the puck went in the net. It doesn't matter how he scored it's that he scored.

Parenteau- We pulled him out of the minors just so we'd have enough guys, but last night he came out as a New York Rangers hero! That was a great goal drawing the goalie left and the shooting right. That was a good win. Dave Pucks with more later.

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